This Model Didn’t Realized She Was 37 Weeks Pregnant Until Something Happened And Saw Her Baby On The Floor

Published on 10/20/2020

A 23-year-old Australian model recently got her life’s surprise. She began to feel ill while she was at home. Then after ten minutes in the bathroom, the most extraordinary and life-changing event in her life took place.

Making Headlines

Recently, model Erin Langmaid has been making worldwide headlines. Gorgeous models like her usually do, as expected. It is probably not for the reasons you would think, except this time. Neither would Erin, as a matter of fact.

Major Criticism

Sad to say, Erin has faced a lot of media backlash and substantial criticism recently for what transpired last October. Individuals are suggesting that “Surely, the pre-warning signs must have been obvious.”  “There is no way she didn’t know. It’s not possible.”

Pre-Warning Signs

Yes, we all know that there are typically simple pre-warning signals for anybody to know about. For Erin, however, there were no clues. There is no suggestion that the stunning model had even guessed what would happen next in the first place.


The night of 29th October was the night that Erin’s life would change forever. Now, even though this is not normal, you may think this is so bizarre and real, but, in reality, it happens all over the world.

Romantic Summer Evening

The incredible Erin, who lives with her boyfriend, Daniel Carty in Melbourne, Australia, had just ended a romantic summer dinner one Tuesday evening when Erin unexpectedly began to feel sick. She shrugged it off and figured it might have been something that she had just eaten.

Feeling Under The Weather

Erin was still not feeling too good even after a couple of hours had passed. She was tossing and turning but couldn’t sleep anymore. Before heading back to bed, Erin went to the kitchen to get a cold glass of water.

Nothing Was Helping

There was nothing that really seemed to help Erin feel better. She got out of bed then, and she went to the bathroom. When Daniel began to worry, a few minutes had passed, so he knocked on the door to see if his girlfriend was fine. You will not trust what happened next.

Total Panic

Daniel began to hear a lot of noise coming from inside after knocking on the bathroom door. Then he started to get nervous about what might be happening. He started shouting, “Erin, are you alright? What’s going on?”.

Burst Through The Door

There was no response from Erin at first. But then, she began yelling. It sounded as though she was in a great deal of pain. Daniel quickly swung open the door at that moment and was in total disbelief. What had he been able to see?


Erin, who was crying as she was in so much pain, was on the floor of their bathroom. Daniel was in complete shock at what he saw, repeating the words “there are two of you” and “there are two of you.”

How Amazing?

Yes, you’ve guessed that! Erin had just given birth to a baby, actually. Daniel did not have any words and was flabbergasted. He was unable to believe what he saw in front of him. It took a couple of seconds for him to process what was going on. Wait until you see what’s going to happen next.

It’s A Girl!

Erin whispered, with tears running down her cheeks, that she was a girl! Even though they were both surprised, Daniel rushed over to Erin, and they were so overjoyed. Both of them looked down at their lovely newborn daughter, and they realized the worst.

Emergency Services

They then started to realize that their baby was not breathing correctly clearly and was starting to turn blue. Both Erin and Daniel were frightened. Daniel then rushed over to call for ambulance services to save their baby.

Help Was On The Way

While speaking to the 911 operator, Daniel attempted to remain calm. Erin and Daniel talked through the steps to help their daughter breathe and save her life as the woman spoke. An ambulance, meanwhile, was on its way.

We Didn’t Even Know She Was Pregnant

Even if it looked like their newborn daughter was doing well, Daniel was worried about his girlfriend, Erin, whether she was all right. “How many weeks has she been pregnant,” the operator asked. ” We don’t know,’ said Daniel. “We were unaware that she was pregnant.”

Meet Isla

Erin and Daniel were so happy that they had welcomed Isla into the world, their healthy baby girl. Isla was born at 37 weeks and weighed an impressive 7 lbs. As she had no idea she was pregnant, Erin was still in shock.

No Cravings

There were no signs of pregnancy, she said earlier, no cravings and no morning sickness. “I was on contraception, I just thought I had put on some weight for the Christmas season, but I never thought I was pregnant.”

No Baby Bump

None of the photos show her with a baby bump on Langmaid’s Instagram account. Erin posed in her normal dresses and enjoyed nights out with the petite size 8, claiming she had no issues fitting into her clothing and felt perfectly fine until the day before.


She has since updated her followers with her newborn daughter and her new family’s two videos, which she describes as “the hardest weeks of our lives. You are my rock, and now you are Isla’s. Not all of this was for the couple.

Social Media

In the meantime, new father, Daniel also took a long message to his social media posting about this exciting news, “We want to share our new little family member with you,” Isla May was brought into the world on Tuesday night, without letting us know, she stayed in the mummy’s tummy for 9 months.

Tough Few Days

“After an incredibly difficult few days, both the mother and the daughter are perfectly well prepared to go home. The support of our friends and family will never be thankful enough for it,” he added. But this isn’t all.

So Heartwarming

The heartfelt post concluded with a tribute to his lovely girlfriend, “To Erin, the bravery you displayed is something I didn’t think imaginable, you’re an incredible individual, and you’re going to make an incredible mum.”

Grab The Tissues

After a wonderful week, we look forward to life as a little fam with the most adorable new little addition and all the wonderful stuff that comes with it! “Thanks for all the help, the Carty family was awesome xx love” Get your tissues, we’re sure you need them! The couple had plenty to say. Being thankful didn’t mean they were finished.

Not What They Had Planned

Don’t believe it, but both Erin and Daniel were distraught that their families would not support or assist them. In particular, since they are a very young couple and it was not something they had expected or intended to have a child.

Huge Support From Family & Friends

Erin and Daniel were so thrilled to become new parents, regardless of the dramatic turn of events. They were equally excited about their family and friends and came together to help them get their home ready for the new arrival.

What Is The Update?

Well, as we’re sure you’re all wondering how the family is doing right now, you don’t have to guess anymore. It’s been 5 months since the birth of baby Isla-May. We’re here to fill in all the juicy details for you.

Little Girls Make The World Sweeter

Although Erin has since returned to modeling, with her adorable surprise on Instagram and Facebook, the couple continues to share several snaps and posts. And they are besotted with their baby girl, of course. And we can clearly agree why she’s just such a cutie.

Baby Spa

Baby Isla received her first baby spa treatment at just 3 months old. Mom Erin was so happy that she and her daughter were having a little “pamper day.” The two of them went to Baby Spa Australia, where Isla enjoyed hydrotherapy and a baby massage. She seems to be really enjoying it!

Beach Day

And we didn’t, of course, forget Isla’s first day at the beach. “Happiness is a day at the beach,” as the saying goes. And we can see for sure how the Carty family loves the sunshine and the sea.

First Easter

This is one of the wonderful photos Erin shared quite recently on Instagram. Since it was Isla’s first Easter and the first to be celebrated by the entire family. How can an invaluable moment not to be shared?

Wedding Plans?

We know you are all watching the rumors about the wedding. But it seems like there are no plans for the pair to tie the knot any time soon. This was just for a recent photoshoot Erin had done. But who knows what the future holds for Daniel and Erin? The perfect way to keep your eyes furry!


I’m sure we can all agree that a full-term baby surprise is pretty awesome, right? Well, it was later discovered shortly after they arrived at the hospital that Erin, in fact, had what specialists call a “cryptic” pregnancy.

What Is A Cryptic Pregnancy?

Then what’s a cryptic pregnancy? The reality that traditional diagnostic techniques can not be identified may be represented as a pregnancy. One survey reports that one in nearly 2500 women may not recognize that they take a child before heading to work. How incredible is it?

Going Into Labor

Cryptic births sometimes go uncovered, according to medical professionals, before your mother is 20 weeks out. Many people will only discover if they are pregnant until their baby comes, just like what happened to Erin.

No Typical Symptoms

Analysis has also shown that while it is impossible to achieve cryptic pregnancies, they happen more often than doctors assume. Like Erin, most people experiencing cryptic pregnancy also have no usual signs and symptoms of pregnancy. 

What Are The Risks?

Doctors have also suggested that many babies born with a cryptic pregnancy are typically underweight, and their growth may be affected by a lack of prenatal treatment. But happily, for women like Erin, she gave birth to a healthy baby.

There Are More

As we said before, Erin was not the first woman with a mysterious pregnancy, and we are very confident that she won’t be the last one. In 2015, Katie Kropas had a somewhat close case in Massachusetts. Wait before you hear her story.

Katie Kropas

So Katie headed to her nearest emergency room with extreme back problems, and an hour later, she bore a stunning baby girl of 10 pounds. Do you believe it? Do you believe it? She was informed at 10:15 that she had a full-term baby inside her and that she gave birth at 11:06 pm.

What Are The Facts?

Medical specialists have said that several aspects of cryptic pregnancy may play a major role. Many people have minor signs and may brush them as flu, have abnormal menstrual periods for most people, and when pregnant, they can have menstruation during a pregnancy that might cause them to think they are not pregnant. Another challenge is weight gain during pregnancy. It is then less apparent if people are either overweight or gain a few additional pounds in their pregnancy. Stress and denial symptoms may also be a cause.