Did Ringo Starr Finally Answer The Beatles’ Biggest Mystery?

Published on 09/15/2020

It isn’t much you can hide from the fans if you’re as famous as The Beatles. The fans called “Beatlemaniacs” know all their songs, devoured their entire life stories, and even tried to rip off pieces of their clothing in the streets. Regardless, the fans are divided in regard to the band’s biggest mystery in their career. Writers would usually write this occurrence as a myth or nothing short of a coincidence, but still, this story seems to not go away. Thankfully, one of the remaining Beatles finally spoke about the mystery in question.

Did Ringo Starr Finally Answer The Beatles’ Biggest Mystery

Did Ringo Starr Finally Answer The Beatles’ Biggest Mystery

The Terrible Secret

The famous band quit the scene during the 70s, but the fans are still looking around for new information about the band’s legendary career. These people are not solely dedicated to the band’s music however, in fact, they are digging up a lot of information about the dark rumors that are circulating regarding the band’s so-called “most terrible secret”. What could this secret be? Is the secret really that terrible?

The Terrible Secret

The Terrible Secret

The Answer To The Mystery

Ringo Starr, the drummer of The Beatles, is probably the only person who holds the truth to this secret and maybe the only one who can answer. Although he is not quite fond of addressing the matter in interviews, the same question about a former bandmate always keeps on coming up again and again despite him not wanting to address it. Ringo admitted that the said time was very troubling for everyone in the band.

The Mystery

In order to explain what seems to be the matter, let us explain the details. During the middle of the 1960s, avid fans of the band had a lot of questions about where Paul McCartney may be. Sure, he could be seen publicly with Ringo Starr together for a lot of times with the most recent being in 2018, but everyone had doubts regarding the identities of the men on stage.

They Were Recognizable

How could it possibly be? Ever since the boom of The Beatles’ popularity in the whole world during 1964, it would be practically impossible for the members John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr to be able to go to various places and not be recognized by anyone. Their fame made them recognizable by almost everyone in the whole world! So why is it that people doubted the identities of The Beatles that they saw on stage?

They Had Lots Of Fans

Wherever they go, hordes of frenzied fangirls followed the band wherever they may be. But after a particular radio broadcast in 1969, the fans of the band were screaming for a completely different reason. A lot of fans were afraid that one of their idols have met their fate and died. What happened then? And what made the fans think that one of the Beatles died? Let us find out.

The DJ From Detroit

One night, a disc jockey from Detroit named Russ Gibb received an anonymous call from someone claiming that Paul McCartney had secretly died and been replaced with a double. As a way to boost the radio station’s rates and have more people tuning in to their station, he entertained the for quite a while. However, he did not expect that a lot of listeners would believe the news that McCartney is dead.

The Tabloids Ran Stories About It

Because of this, the tabloids and reporters began to run the story for the following weeks as if it actually happened. The rumors about Paul McCartney being dead had actually been running a few years before the news broke out, it was during the time that The Beatles stopped touring and changed their look, sound, and had a somewhat of a revamp to their style. Thanks to the radio station, however, it had hit the mainstream.

Paul Is Dead

So, what was the myth? Well, it was said that Paul McCartney was speeding down a long and winding road during the of night November 9, 1966, in which he lost control of his car and veered into a pole due to the icy conditions of the road, ultimately leading to his demise as it killed him instantly. It was said that before the media were able to catch up on the news, the band had already covered it up.

He Was Replaced

According to the rumors, the band’s manager, Brian Epstein, believed that Paul’s death would cause the band’s fame to plummet and cause mass panic, which is why he allegedly formed a secret search for a Paul McCartney lookalike. It was said that after a long search, Brian was able to find their replacement for Paul with a man named William Shears Campbell, which replaced Paul for the rest of the band’s career.

Filled With Guilt

It was also said that during this time, George, Ringo, and John found it very difficult to accept the situation as they were wrestled with immense guilt. The only way for them to be able to bear the guilt is by hinting their bandmate’s supposed “death” and replacement by hinting it in whatever way they can. Soon enough, fans started to claim that they have identified the clues about Paul’s death on various catalogs of The Beatles.

They Were Dropping Hints

Conspiracy theorists believed that an example of a hint being dropped by the band about Paul’s death would be their alter-ego experiment in Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, which they claim was a nod to the supposed cover-up of the incident. According to them, the band name-dropped Billy Shears in the song “With A Little Help From My Friends”, which supposedly “proves” the theory that Paul is actually dead.

Not The Same Person

Although the theory seemed to be a bit of a stretch, there were actually a lot of fans who believed the story. The fans pulled out different photos of Paul McCartney from 1964 and 1967 and claimed that there are a lot of facial differences to prove that the Paul in said pictures were in fact, two different men. Obviously, these conspiracy theorists ignored the fact that aging and facial hair affects the appearance of a person.

Acknowledging The Rumors

The fact that the band members themselves added fuel to fire by acknowledging the rumors in their work. An instance of this can be heard at the end of the song “I’m So Tired” where a garbled voice can be heard chanting out loud “Paul is a dead man. Miss him, miss him!” when played backward.

The Abbey Road Album Cover

In addition to the previous example, the cover picture for the Abbey Road album resembled a funeral procession. It was said that John led the way for the group as he wore a minister’s white outfit, while Ringo followed as he wore a black undertaker’s suit, Paul indicated his death with a cigarette and by not wearing any shoes, and lastly, George wore the blue-collar denim as a means of indicating a gravedigger.

He Disappeared

Thanks to disc Jockey Russ Gibb’s radio broadcast in Detroit, the conspiracy named “Paul is dead” reached its peak. Paul McCartney then disappeared from the public eye a short while after The Beatles broke up in the 70s. Was there any truth to his downfall? Or was it really just a rumor spread by people in order to stir up controversy about the band? Let’s see why Paul disappeared from the public eye.

Alive And Well

As it turns out, Paul and his wife Linda went to their farm in Scotland after the band broke up. The Beatles’ bassist did regular interviews so that he could prove to everyone that he is in fact still alive and is not dead like a lot of people claim him to be. But still, there is still a small group of people who deny the fact that Paul did not die and firmly believes that he was replaced.

They Weren’t Convinced

Despite McCartney’s hit singles and sold-out tours as a solo act, conspiracy theorists still insisted that the Paul we see is not actually him. They believe that the impostor named William Shears Campbell was profiting off The Beatles’ success as he knows for sure that people would not believe his secret. Regardless of how many times Paul would speak out about the rumor, those conspiracy theorists still would not stop.

Laughing Off The Hoax

Nowadays, Paul McCartney has mostly laughed off the hoax. Maybe the band should not have added fuel to the fire by making jokes about it for the paranoids out there. The band were certainly just making fun of the rumors that were made about Paul as it is simply ridiculous and impossible to happen. However, the band’s bassist admitted that he did in fact had an actual crash in 1966.

It Wasn’t As Tragic

Thankfully, the accident that really happened was not as terrible as the urban legend. The band’s bassist fell of his motorcycle, which resulted in him having his tooth chipped. Paul later grew a mustache shortly after so that he could hide the small scar in his lip.

He Never Had Any Suspicion

As for the drummer Ringo Starr, he never suspected his longtime friend of being replaced by a lookalike. According to him, the theory about Paul being dead and replaces was simply too absurd and convoluted. He also said that it would practically be impossible for the band to be able to find a double for Paul McCartney that was just as good as him in whatever the band’s bassist does.

A Living Legend

Dead or alive, Paul McCartney is one of the famous musicians who attained the rare status of a living legend. He has been through a lot, even developing a friendship with other known musical legends such as Mick Jagger, with whom he has talked to for quite a while as they shared various stories with each other.

Mick Jagger

For those who are not aware, Mick Jagger is the epitome of the rock and roll frontman. Being the charismatic, provocative, and enduring man that he is, he made a name for himself as a musical icon. However, he came of age during the time when nobody expected for British rock bands to succeed and dominate the radio stations.

He Loved Singing

Born to a middle-class family on July 26, 1943, Michael Philip Jagger (more known as Mick) enjoyed a delightful childhood outside London. He has been singing for a long time as a kid, and he almost never stopped. May it be in the shower or the church choir, he kept on singing as he was good at it and he loved doing it. But it seemed like his tastes in music were a bit scandalous.

Fond Of The Blues

As Mick grew up, he felt more connected to American blues singers like Muddy Waters. It was obvious that the music he liked did not fit in with the ideals of the respectable English life, but Mick did not care, he did not want anything to do with that. Soon enough, Mick met friends who felt the same way as him, not caring about what their surroundings dictate them to be.

An Old Classmate

Mick bumped into an old classmate named Keith Richards in 1961 at the Dartford Train Station. They were not that close to each other at the time nor even knew each other well, but just like magnets, they were attracted to each other as they saw what the other was holding. Mick was seen to be holding a bundle of rock records, while Keith was seen to be clutching a guitar.

The Rolling Stones

The two of them stuck together and played around London. In 1962, they responded to an ad in the newspaper which was looking for rhythm and blues musicians. Resulting with the lineup of Brian Jones, Charlie Watts, Bill Wyman, Keith Richards, and Mick Jagger in the named “The Rolling Stones”, taken from the title of a Muddy Waters’ song called “Rollin’ Stone”. The band drew on Chicago blues stylings to create a unique vision of the dark side of post-1960s counterculture

Andrew Oldham

As the popularity of British rock bands suddenly rising on the charts, the Stones finally decided to get serious with their work and hired a manager. They eventually found Andrew Loog Oldham as their manager, which turned the band into the “anti-Beatles” with their crude attitude and shabby appearance. Despite being “anti-Beatles”, they took a big idea from the famous band. What did The Rolling Stones take from the Beatles?

Mick And Keith’s Chemistry

Their manager, Andrew Oldham, understood the idea that performers writing their own songs would be the definition of the future of pop music. Which is why thanks to the natural chemistry of Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, the manager decided to lock them in a kitchen and not let them out until they were able to write a song for the band. Were Jagger and Richards able to come up with a song?

It Was A Hit

Even if the idea sounded crazy, the plan worked as Mick Jagger and Keith Richards were able to come up with a song that became a hit. The Stones were known to have had some hits thanks to their covers before, but thanks to their original song, the band were topping charts at the time! During 1965, the Stones’ song “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction” reached topped the charts all over the world by ranking first everywhere! However, stardom didn’t prove to be much of a perk.

Jagger Was Arrested

The authorities were not pleased with Mick Jagger’s rebellious attitude, which is why they decided to take him down. In an overpowered sting, the police raided a party hosted by the band and arrested the singer for drug possession. Jagger evaded jail time, but the legal fees caused by his arrest drained his bank account.

Brian Jones

However, Jagger’s personal life was not the only source of conflict between the band members. The Stones decided to fire Brian Jones, one of the founding members and a close friend, as his substance abuse made it impossible for him to play with them on tours or during practices and recordings. A month after being fired from the band, Brian Jones was reported to have drowned in his swimming pool.

Outlasting Every Rock band

Despite the difficulties that the band faced, the Rolling Stones kept on producing songs that were absolute hits. It seemed like they were unstoppable as they outlasted every rock group of their generation. However, this came to a halt when news broke about a death warrant for Mick Jagger. If you are unaware of what a death warrant is, a death warrant is a writ that authorizes the execution of a condemned person.

Altamont Free Concert

In the twilight of 1969, the Rolling Stones organized the Altamont Free Concert, a festival that hopes to top Woodstock, a famous music festival that hosted a lot of famous musicians including Jimi Hendrix and Carlos Santana. The band decided to hire the notorious biker gang called “Hells Angels” as security for their event. Sadly, things did not go well as the thugs got out of control and murdered a fan right in front of the stage.

Denouncing The Angels

Mick and the Stones quickly denounced the group of bloodthirsty bikers who vowed to seek revenge. The ruthless Angels plotted to assassinate the Stones singer throughout the 1970s, but even with his life on the line, Mick Jagger was not fazed at all. In fact, he even took his career in completely new directions that no one would have expected him to. So what did Mick did in his career?

Acting Career

Due to his skills onstage, Mick decided to try his luck in front of the camera by pursuing a career in acting. He landed a few roles as he starred in films such as Ned Kelly, which got decent reviews. One of the most notable moments of his acting career is that he was almost able to take the lead role in The Rocky Horror Picture Show, but sadly, Tim Curry was the one who was able to win the part of lead actor for the show.

They Stopped Talking To Each Other

As it went on, the band continued success into the ‘80s belied a fracture within the group. Mick’s growing flamboyance and attempts to have a solo career made Keith Richards enraged, leading for the dynamic duo, and lifelong partners to stop talking to each other for a long time.

Mick Did Not Care

But Mick did not care, he believed that he did not have any need for Keith’s friendship. What mattered to him was that he had the attention of a lot of beautiful women. He was known to be married to Bianca Perez-Mora Macias for years before he got into a relationship with the famous model Jerry Hall.

Mick’s Family Tree

As it went on, Jagger went on to carry a lot of other casual/sexual relationships with other women, resulting in him having a somewhat complicated family tree. The Stones’ frontman is known to have fathered eight children with five different women over the years, with the most recent child of him to be a baby boy despite his age of 73. Goes to show how complicated his family tree could be.

He Was Knighted

In every aspect of life, Mick Jagger dedicated himself to being the face of a bad boy. Surprisingly, he received an unexpected honor in 2003 as Britain knighted the Stones frontman. Of course, the singer delightfully accepted the honor with a smile, but his old friend Keith frowned as he accused Jagger of being a sellout.

Still Ongoing

Despite the ego-fuel squabbles, the band still went on to be on the stage due to the undying support of the fans’ love of their music. Even though they have surpassed the retirement age, the band continued to soar and reach new heights as they played a free concert to a newly opened Cuba in 2016. Age surely would not keep the band down as they are still going strong for a long time.

How Long Can They Keep It Up?

But how long would Mick and the band be able to keep their act up? The fans feared for the worst in 2019 as the band canceled a line of concert dates due to their vocalist’s weakening physical condition as he needed to undergo heart surgery.

Back On Track

Fans did not need to worry though as Mick was able to get back on track after his surgery in no time! The Stones singer shared a video of himself practicing his dance moves to prove that he would never stop and leave the spotlight until he was ready to do so. No one can move like the Jagger in his age! We only hope for the best for everyone in the band!