The Best Party Spots Around The World

Published on 02/04/2020
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The Best Party Spots Around The World

If you’re a party animal yourself or just looking for one or two fun and interesting experiences then these countries will give you an experience as you’ve never had before. These countries are known for their remarkable nightlife and we promise they will not disappoint. Grab some friends or your loved one and make a whole trip out of it, these are THE spots to go so don’t miss the chance to take part in the fun!

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Where in other parts of the world adults have called it a night long before, this is when the party life begins in Buenos Aires. After midnight the party animals come out till the break of dawn. The bars are wild with mixtures of singers, dancers, and musicians. The spot that you need to visit is the Rojo Tango. Here you’ll see a tango cabaret performance, a live band and indulge in a three-course meal.


Ibiza is commonly known as the clubbing capital of the world. With its sunshine skies and top of the line clubs, this is the place to be. In some secret locations, you’ll also find underground trance, and if this is your thing you should inquire about them in the hippy markets. If you’re more of a jazz music fan then Cafe Pereira is more your vibe.


Look beyond the red light district and head over to another magical nightlife area of Amsterdam. There are so many options to choose from, and if you’re a fan of movies you should visit the 1920’s theme “The Movies.” Also if you like live performances then you should visit the Paradiso.

Rio de Janeiro

The marvelous city that is Rio de Janeiro is a seductive destination with plenty of nightlife when it comes to theatres, clubs, restaurants or live performances. You will never fall short of live samba and make sure to get over to clubs like Casas de Samba.