How To Avoid Being Distracted By Noise

Published on 12/06/2022

To help you stay focused on your studies, here are some helpful tips on how to avoid being distracted by noise pollution.

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How To Avoid Being Distracted By Noise

Tip 1: Switch off technical devices

For more effective and stress-free learning, Christina Beste, Head of Audioversum, advises always learning in a quiet environment. “We recommend not only turning off the television and music when learning, but also smartphones and tablets. Because electronic notifications such as push notifications, messenger messages and E-mail alerts are real concentration killers.”

Tip 2: Quiet Places

The Audioversum study also revealed that around 40 percent of Austrians feel very stressed by construction site noise and more than 20 percent by street noise. Best advises: “During intensive learning phases, you should look for the quietest place in the apartment in order to create the best learning conditions. If you feel disturbed despite the closed windows, try going to another place, for example to a library or in the learning rooms in the university.”

Tip 3: Use aids such as headphones or earplugs

These aids can partially or even completely eliminate noise perception. To block out the noise, grab headphones or earplugs. This allows you to fully concentrate on your learning material or your work again.

Tip 4: Take breaks

If the noise level cannot be reduced, for example because there is a construction site next to your apartment, you should definitely take breaks. These short study breaks can have a very restful and relaxing effect.

Tip 5: Replace noise with pleasant noises or music

Not every noise disturbs concentration and is perceived as noise. Fortunately, there are also positive sounds such as music. Almost every second person stated that they cheer themselves up by listening to music every day. Other particularly popular sounds are birdsong, water splashing and the sound of the sea. In addition to everyday noise, it is all the more worthwhile to consciously enjoy the beautiful noises in order to lift your mood and concentration

Tip 6: Speak to your neighbors

If loud music and excited conversations are heard from the neighboring apartment at night and disturb your night’s sleep, a clarifying conversation can often work miracles. Very few noise makers act with bad intentions. A friendly, non-aggressive conversation often awakens a better understanding in the neighborhood and many a nocturnal noise problem can be permanently solved in this way.

Tip 7: Carpets

Noise reduction works best with the help of rugs, carpet runners and carpets. They help absorb noise and minimize the sound of footsteps. In addition, long curtains in front of the windows, blinds and soundproof windows are very effective. Plants and upholstered furniture in the apartment also help to break up or dampen the sound and shorten the reverberation. This makes the apartment “quieter” overall.