5 Cheap Date Ideas For College Students On A Budget

Published on 07/23/2019
5 Cheap Date Ideas For College Students On A Budget

5 Cheap Date Ideas For College Students On A Budget

Guys and girls, cuddle season is upon us. Some brave souls still want to go out for some fun even when temperatures drop into the low 20s. So if it’s the weather that you’re not worried about but the lack of cash in your pocket, then you have nothing to worry about. We’ve put together a short list of some pretty awesome winter date ideas that won’t rip the guts out of your wallet.

Do You Want Build A Snowman?

If there’s snow outside, why not try your hand at some creative snowman building? Snow is actually free (at least for now it is), so grab your date and have yourselves an enjoyable snowman-building session. Not only does it have the potential to turn into a very enthralling snowball fight, it will eventually call for some warming up. Hot cocoa? Warm cuddles? Your call.

Winter Wonderland Picnic

A picnic certainly does not have to occur during the day, and it does not have to happen outdoors either. An indoor picnic after a long day at work can be the perfect option for a wine-and-dine unwind. Remember, we’re talking about a picnic, so sandwiches and cheap wine are definitely on the cards. Make sure you have a picnic blanket. If it’s really cold, you can add a couple more blankets… and some candles.

Blanket Fort Movie Night

Similar to the previous date idea, this one calls for blankets and a date… you’re going to have someone with you, people. Just like when you were kids, build yourself a blanket fort, but prepare some popcorn beforehand and set up a laptop inside. Grab some pillows and get comfy with your special someone. Talk about the cave of wonders!

Irish Coffee Walking City Tour

How about a walk on the town? What about packing some heat for the winter walk? I’m not talking about taking a gun in your waistband, gosh no! I’m talking about something hot to drink, like hot cocoa, tea or coffee. You can really spice it up with a swig of rum or whiskey, after all it does work as a social lubricant, doesn’t it?

Board Game Battle

I know that board games just sound like “boring games”, but the truth is that there are many board games out there that are perfect for a date night. This might also be the best opportunity for you to find out just how competitive your date really is. Be prepared.

Date Ideas

Now that you’re equipped with some badass date ideas that will cost you less than a couple of drinks on student night, you’d better find yourself someone to share them with. Just remember, dating doesn’t always have to be so costly. Make it unique, make it fun, and make it an experience you guys will never forget.